• BAT Norway
Famijen Addams

My choreography in the hit musical Familjen Addams, staring Claes Malmberg, Lasse Kroner, and Petra Nillson has been an exciting project. We have been extended 2 more seasons!

  • Swedish Match\'s Annual Awards Ceremony
Living Table

The most unique way to serve a welcome drink.

  • Mood Lounge
Oriflame – The Royal Challenge

Performing at Stockholm’s City Hall is always an honor. This formal awards banquet for 800 + international guests was a feast for the eyes. To fit into the theme, we created a “royal” classical dance performance using 2 of Sweden’s most respected ballet dancers, Nadja sellrup and Nikolaus Fotiadis. They were supported by an ensemble of dancers, props, story line, specially designed costumes, and extreme makeup design.

  • Living Table
Swedish Match

Swedish Match \"Night of Stars\". The guests were greeted as celebrities attending their prestigious awards ceremony, by our staged fans. Hanna Lindblad was our star performer and we finish off the night with DJ Jonas and Ål In Band.

  • Wella After Party
BAT Norway

A complete custom-designed concept night, featuring mingle acts, main-stage entertainment and after party.

  • Television
Wella After Party

Wella After Party complete with DJ, Live Singer, Live Drums and energy pumping go-go dancer.

  • Circus Acts

Choreographing the opening number to the Humor Gala fund raiser at Berns in Stockholm followed by commercials for Postkodlotteri and Comhem, and Melodi Festivalen\'s act for Lisa Miskovsky.

  • SKTF

In September of 2010, Denise, under her former company Foxy Productions, got to produce her biggest event ever, at Stadshuset in Stockholm. It was 1000-person sit-down banquet, which included the crown princess. Denise helped create and run everything from the pitch, to music choices, script, video montages, costumes, casting, wigs, make up, sound, lights, rehearsals, etc With over 45 performers, taking a theatrical journey through 75 years, it was equivalent to producing a Broadway show!<br /><br /> It was an amazingly gratifying experience! More like this please!

  • Oriflame – The Royal Challenge
Fastighetsbyrån – White Party

This event was all about Party Party Party! We hit this crowd’s White party with top of the line DJ, drummer, dancer, circus artists and added twists throughout the night. We know our hard work was worth it because they danced until they dropped.

  • Thriller Night
Mood Lounge

My team helped Contrast event company, with the cigar and snus lounges at \"Taste of Stockholm\" a culinary event in Kungstradgarden.<br /><br />Despite the terrible weather, we created a cozy, elegant atmosphere.

  • Fastighetsbyrån – White Party
Circus Acts

World Water Week and IVA were two prestigious events starring Manda Rydman as a spectacular overhead circus artist. Karin Odermatt also stunned audiences with her pole act at Fastighatsbyran.

  • pfect

Pfect is one of our favorite dance groups to work with. They are extremely trendy and fashionable.<br /><br />They can spice up any party! Take a look.

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