One of the hardest things about creating a great event is entertainment. Most often we wish to tailor what happens on stage to suit the event’s purpose. Traditional artist agencies sometimes have difficulties in understanding our problems and seeing our needs. Denise has that ability. With her vast network and her creative talent powerhouse, Denise enters our projects, sees our purpose and goals, understands the customer and gets involved ten times the expected amount to create a great end product. It is not just about booking a dancer, DJ or musician. It is about understanding of the whole process! One should also add such things as efficiency goals, immaculate schedules, timing, spectacular costumes, make-up and last but not least, contact with clients. Denise is “there” and precisely because she is there, she has become an important partner to Contrast.
— Ola C, Contrast AB

When we create events for our customers, it is extremely important to find content that is spectacular yet message-friendly. During the years we have worked with Denise, she has surprised us with her creativity, responsiveness and sensitivity for what is exactly right. Denise has delivered magic and unforgettable experiences for our customers, and we are very grateful to her for being a part of the success of our events!
— Jan W. – Split AB